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Affectionately known as the 'Athens of the North', the Scottish capital city has inspired and drawn scholars, spiritual leaders and visitors the world over for centuries. Located on Scotland's south-east coast at the mouth of the River Forth, the ruggedly handsome city is home to some of the world's most breath taking Medieval and Georgian architecture, and is surrounded securely by stunningly picturesque countryside. While the hotels in Edinburgh city centre that take their place in the city's rich history stand as a testament to the fine traditions of Scottish hospitality.

The city of Edinburgh itself dates back to several thousand years BC, when evidence of primitive human stone settlements has been discovered by archaeologists. But for today's global traveller this Scottish city is anything but primitive. Today's city of some half a million residents offers a historic window on two millennia of past cultures in a vibrantly modern urban setting. And whether you are a history connoisseur or simply interested in learning about the area's past as a result of your visit there, Edinburgh offers fascination for all.

Many of the more famous landmarks of the city are only a stone's throw away from the featured Edinburgh hotels. The famous castle, for example, which overlooks the city with its strident ramparts and batteries houses statues erected to the memory and edification of Scottish heroes, Robert the Bruce and William Wallace. In addition to hosting the world renowned annual military tattoo, with spectacular marching, music and historical battle re-enactments, the famous castle proudly fires off Scotland's most famous canon - a 15th century giant nicknamed, Mons Meg, and a deafening reminder of yesteryear!

Whether you wish to stay in the heart of the city's so called 'Old Town', with its towering castle walls, medieval and Reformation era buildings, and labyrinth of catacombs below the street level, or find yourself drawn to the main shopping, museum and Georgian influenced residential district of 'New Town', or the city's popular family district of the South Side, hotels in Edinburgh centre are close to everyone taste.

Such taste includes staying at; a smaller, boutique vacation property with elegant stylings and intimate hospitality; a larger, contemporary hotel with modern decor, twenty four hour business services and cutting edge recreational amenities; a traditional bed and breakfast establishment; or an historically grand marquee property that oozes charm, antiquity and an impeccable reputation for fine hospitality.

Regardless of which style of property one fancies, the featured Edinburgh hotels are synonymous with premiere service and luxurious surroundings. Both business traveller and tourist alike will find the locations of the featured Edinburgh hotels conveniently close by for any activity, convention or attraction the area has to offer. Spacious rooms of varying styles and size are available for your pleasure, and all are equipped with wireless internet connectivity, high definition digital entertainment, as well as round the clock room service, concierge and in-house restaurants. Many of these eating establishments have award winning chefs to create sumptuous local Scottish favourites, diverse meals from all other corners of the globe, as well as some tasty and unique dishes all their own.

From its stunning skylines, historic architecture and world class accommodations, Edinburgh is an award winning destination by all accounts. The city's many festivals and fireworks, medieval alleys, Georgian buildings, as well as its ideal mix of shopping, fine dining and entertainment make it both inspiring and truly relaxing.